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Destination Reader

From Year 2 to Year 6 we use  Destination Reader.

Destination Reader is an approach to teaching reading in KS2. The approach involves daily sessions incorporating whole class modelling prior to the children applying these skills through partner work and independent reading. Children deepen their understanding of the texts they read through the systematic use of a series of strategies and language stems. The approach encompasses the key principles of effective reading provision and fully meets the requirements of the National Curriculum by creating deep understanding of texts, developing oracy around reading and increasing children’s breadth of reading. Destination Reader also helps to build a culture of reading for pleasure and purpose.

Destination Reader delivers the following benefits:

  • Provides a systematic approach to the teaching of reading across KS2
  • Enables children to develop key strategies which deepen their understanding of texts
  • Develops children’s motivation to read broadly for pleasure and purpose
  • Increases children’s ability to lead their learning through the acquisition of key learning behaviours
  • Places children at the centre of a formative approach to assessment in reading
  • Can be applied to school’s existing texts and broader curriculum
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